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    SlubicePort Swiecko, Swiecko 39 08:00
    Bochniabus stop outside rail station,
    ul. Poniatowskiego
    Brzeskoul. Uczestnikow Ruchu Oporu 17:45
    TarnowWagabunda bus stop,
    square next to rail station
    DebicaWagabunda bus stop,
    near rail station
    RopczyceBus Station, ul. Zielona,
    stanowisko BP Batory
    RzeszowWagabunda bus stop, rail station 19:40
    Przeworskbus station 20:30
    Jaroslawrail station, Wagabunda bus stop 20:50
    PrzemsylBus Stn 21:20



    This is a drop off stop only, we cannot pick customers up.